New HOBAS Sewer System On Track in Slovakia

Projekt ID: [019011]
Land: Slovakei
Stadt: Western Slovakia
Jahr: 2013 - 2016
Installation: Offener Graben
Gesamtlänge [m]: 4600
Nominaler Durchmesser DN [mm]: 200 | 600 | 800 | 1800
Aussendurchmesser De [mm] 220 | 616 | 820 | 1842
Druckklasse PN [bar]: 1
Steifigkeit SN [N/m²]: 10000
Key Words: Freispiegelleitung | Eisenbahn | Schleuderrohr

Installation of 4.6 km HOBAS CC-GRP Sewer Pipes in Western Slovakia

In the course of the comprehensive modernization of a railway line, 4600 m HOBAS CC-GRP Sewer Pipes DN 200 to DN 1800 have been installed in Western Slovakia. Due to the increased load of passing trains, the project called for a particularly durable pipe material.

The rail transportation system in Slovakia is continuously improving. In recent years, the railway line between Zlatovce and Trenčianská Teplá, including the train stations Zlatovce, Trenčín, and Trenčianská Teplá, has been modernized with the help of EU fundings. The comprehensive project included the building of a new railway sub- and superstructure, noise barriers, as well as new safety, signaling and telecommunications installations. In the course of the modernization, the local sewage system and drinking water system also had to be rehabilitated and extended.

Since the new rails allow for the maximum speed of the trains to be increased to 160 km/h, the pipe infrastructure crossing and running alongside the tracks had to be particularly durable. The Slovakian railway infrastructure company ŽSR (Železnice Slovenskej republiky) decided to use HOBAS CC-GRP Sewer Pipes for this purpose. Their long lifetime, high stiffness, excellent hydraulic characteristics, and easy installation convinced the project engineers. Around 4600 m HOBAS Pipes DN 200 – DN 1800 were used to replace the old sewer and extend the system with completely new GRP lines. Most parts of the new HOBAS Sewer System were installed in open trench. For a few sections, the pipes were introduced into steel protective pipes, which were jacked underneath the rail tracks.

The whole extensive modernization project was completed after four years and so was the sewer network, which was implemented step by step in line with the project progress. The passengers and employees of ŽSR can now rely on their smoothly and safely operating new HOBAS Sewer. 

  • New HOBAS Sewer System On Track in Slovakia